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Terri Cairns

Terri Cairns is the school psychologist at SES. Her mission is to help students overcome mental health challenges so they can reach their goals. Coping with social and emotional challenges is a skill that can be learned, just like math or reading. Students or their parents should contact Mrs. Cairns if they worry that depression, anxiety, or other mental health challenges are impacting their ability to learn. Mrs. Cairns has been a school psychologist since 1998 when she graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Ph. D. in Educational Psychology. She shares her time in the district between SES and a districtwide job supporting and training special education teachers. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, reading,  and gardening. She’s trying hard to avoid the annual SES canoe trip as she tipped her canoe on her last trip down the Cannon River and would probably need students to rescue her rather than the other way around!