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Special Education Services

Special education at SES looks different than that of a larger high school. Students at SES have support of a smaller school environment with a student focused curriculum in an integrated learning environment. Our curriculum supports multiple learning styles with many hands on activities. Our environment and block class structure allows for more time for teachers to work with students. Often students who have struggled within a typical school setting thrive at SES. In addition, there are no special education pull-out classes, so students with disabilities don’t feel different. Students are supported within their classes and study hall. Our student body is also very accepting of differences.


Students with disabilities are supported at SES under federal and state disability laws. Students with a documented disability that qualify can receive accommodations, modifications, and services through either a 504 Plan or an Individual Education Program (IEP).  Our district’s special education mission is to individualize educational opportunities to meet the unique needs of all learners with the understanding that:


Disability Resources for Transition after High School

MnWorkforce/ Rehabilitative Services:

Dakota County Transition:

Secondary Ed. And Transition/ U of M:

MnCareers Search:


Disability Resources for Parents

LD Online:

Parent Advocacy Coalition:

Untangling the Web/ Disabilities Info:

Heath: National Clearinghouse/Disabilities:

Post-secondary Education Resource for Youth with Intellectual Disabilities:

Federal Website for Special Education:

Wide Range of Teen Health Information from physical and mental health to employment issues:


Educational Supports for Students

Audible Books:

Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic:

Learning Disabilities Association of Minnesota: (check out the “Learn How you Learn” interactive presentation)