school of environmental studies

Senior Houses: Thematic Studies 12

Seniors at the School of Environmental Studies examine topics and issues surrounding interactions between humans and environments. Although the previous year’s juniors are given priority– if space is available new students can join SES as a senior at the beginning of the new school year. As with the junior year, all house studies are performed in an integrated, interdisciplinary environment.  Instead of taking three separate classes in English, social studies and environmental science, students take one class– Thematic Studies 12.

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Lessons are often  team-taught by your house teachers.  Individual house teachers have areas of great expertise- often involving content degree work before entering their education training. Even so, they will bring that expertise to house wearing many hats to create a rich, real-world set of learning experiences for the student.


Course of Study

Senior curriculum is a three trimester study of human impacts on and relationships with the natural world. Each trimester’s material is chosen to take advantage of the Minnesota seasons to immerse students in the environment. Specifics within each major study vary with the news and events of the year.

In addition seniors can select to participate in AP Environmental Science, AP Human Geography and AP Literature as part of their thematic studies coursework.