school of environmental studies


Welcome to the registration process at SES!
Registration dates are listed in the school calendar (link). Note that registration forms from incoming juniors are collected either at the registration open house or during your second registration homeroom. Senior registration forms from new students should be mailed to, or dropped of at, the office.




To begin the process, start with the registration forms.

Course Catalog: The complete SES course catalog.

Junior Registration Form:  Registration form for juniors.  Download and complete.

Senior Registration Form:  Registration for for seniors.  Download and complete.

Career Development Guide:  Catalog for District 196 career development courses.

You have decisions to make in three areas.
House is your two- block study of environmental issues. Houses are determined by your schedule.  However you may choose certain AP classes that will meet during your House time.

Elective Classes
Elective classes at SES cover the needs of both college-bound students and of students needing to round-out their secondary education before graduation. Many disciplines offer independent study opportunities for the advanced student beyond the electives listed on the registration form.

Intensive Theme Elective
The curriculum at SES is compacted to allow for a seven-day period of time called intensive theme. During this time you can take all-day, focused studies in a variety of disciplines. Two types of courses are offered. Intensive Theme Courses are offered at the school and are generally designed to allow you to tunnel deep within a subject or topic. Field Studies are offered around the planet and are intended to expose the student to issues related to the environment by immersing the student in new environmental settings.


You are expected to register for seven classes plus one intensive theme class per trimester. Exceptions should be discussed with the counselor or special educator prior to registering. These eight classes are equivalent to the eight classes students would register for in a traditional high school. Registering for seven classes leaves the student with one open block. Students registering for Advanced Placement (AP) classes use this block for AP class work. Non-AP student use this time for an inquiry/ discovery session that links the student with environmental work, often in the larger community.


Returning SES Students and Their Parents
Returning students should find all the resources needed in the links above. Forms can be downloaded from this page.

Any special scheduling needs and questions should be directed to Mr. Nelson in the counseling office. Sign up for an appointment on the calendar outside his office.