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Online registration

In January and February students at SES register for the following year. The online process for the 2016-2017 school year opens January 11 and is outlined in this post along with links to materials and to the registration site. New students have a registration orientation on January 11, current students will have registration information sessions during house.

Students should take time to review the registration guide and complete the registration worksheet for your junior or senior year before attempting to complete online registration.

Students taking home high school classes will have the opportunity to select those courses and make changes online through the registration timeline of their home high school. Career Development classes have their own catalog of courses.

SES Registration Guide | Junior Year worksheet | Senior Year worksheet


Please be aware that up-to-date common browsers such as  Firefox, Chrome or Safari are recommended.  You may also use Microsoft Internet Explorer 10+ (on Windows). Other browsers and older versions of browsers have sometimes caused problems with completing registration.

  1. Go to  This is the school’s website
  2. Click on the “Campus” box under the banner.
  3. Type in your user name (student number – available on student I.D. card).
  4. Type in your password.  If you have never reset your password, the default password is the first six letters of your last name (less if there are less than six letters) followed by your two digit birth day.  For example, if your name is Rachel Carson and your birth date is March 4, 2001, then your password would be:  carson04
  5. Select the option to “LOGIN”.
  6. Click on “Registration: 17-SES” from the menu on the left.
  7. At the top of the registration page you have options. Click on “COURSE SEARCH”.
  8. Type the course number in the second box by using the 4-digit course number listed on your registration worksheet (e.g. 9114).  Click on the “GO” button. (DO NOT type course name.)
  9. Click on the course listed under the column “Select a course to view” to view course information.
  10. Click on “REQUEST THIS COURSE” to select the request.
  11. The top left corner of the page will display “Units: (0/24)”. Disregard the 24 as this number represents the number of courses selected and students may not select more than 21.  DO NOT input alternate electives.
  12. If you change your mind or make a mistake and would like to DROP a course you have selected, click on the course under your list of  “REQUESTED COURSES” and click on “DROP THIS COURSE”.
  13. After you have completed selecting your academic courses, you may print a summary of the courses you have selected by clicking on “PRINT REQUEST SUMMARY”.  Your requests will then be displayed on  your screen. You may now PRINT this list.
  14. If you are taking a class at your home high school, you will need to use the registration process you have used before to register for that class with your home high school.  You will need to turn in a registration confirmation sheet for your home high school class to the SES office.
  15. Log Out