school of environmental studies

Kristen McBrien

Kristen McBrien has loved chemistry since she took it as a junior in high school; which is  when she made the decision that she wanted to teach it as her future career.  She attended the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire for her bachelor’s degree and never strayed from this path.  In fact her Masters Degree, from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, is specifically in Chemistry Education.  She really can’t get enough of her content area!  Whether cheesy chemistry jokes or making fire balls in class, there is always something entertaining happening in the blue lab.  Her first teaching position was at SES in the fall of 2002 and she immediately fell in love with the school.  The small size and community atmosphere helps staff and students to connect and feel at home at SES.  So, not only does Kristen get to teach what she loves, she also gets to work in an amazing environment teaching both chemistry and honors chemistry to all of the SES students.  During intensive theme, Kristen can be found teaching Scientific Inquiry, Scuba Certification  or co-leading the winter Scuba Diving Field Study to Roatan, Honduras.  Outside of school Kristen enjoys cooking, gardening and spending time crafting and playing outdoors with her husband and two elementary aged sons.  She believes a positive attitude and a strong work ethic are the keys to finding success and joy in life!