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Jeremy Bartelt

Jeremy Bartelt began his musical life as a small child studying piano, brass, and vocal music. Through middle school and high school he won numerous awards and was a member of prestigious ensembles. In college, as a bass trombone major, he was invited to the Aspen Summer Music Festival and toured Eastern Europe playing with the University of Wisconsin-Madison Symphony Orchestra. Right around the time of this tour, Jeremy had decided his new music love, studio recording, was what he wanted to concentrate on. After completing the recording arts program at FullSail University, he “switched to the other side of the glass” and became a studio engineer in Chicago. He worked at Chicago Recording Company, Streeterville Studios, and Colossal Mastering in Chicago. After a move to Minneapolis and some freelance work here and there, he started teaching music engineering and production at The Institute of Production and Recording in Minneapolis. After 5 years there culminated in him serving as the program chair of the audio engineering department, writer and instructor of the intermediate audio engineering class and surround mixing class, and an academic advisor, he moved to a high school program in Independent School District 196. In this, his current job, he writes and teaches classes on music production and audio engineering for high school juniors and seniors. In his free time, he records young bands and artists, tries to listen to music as a music fan (not an audio engineer), and loves spending time with his family.