school of environmental studies

Jane Tunseth

Jane Tunseth is proud to be one of the founding faculty of SES, which has been an amazing adventure! Over the past twenty years at SES, she has taught Environmental Studies in all four houses and has her fingerprints on a lot of interdisciplinary curriculum. She has taught AP English, Animal Behavior, and a variety of field studies.

Costa Rica is her soul place. She has led almost 500 SES students to Costa Rica on 21 field studies and 2 summer exchanges. She feels blessed to have seen so many students have life-changing experiences on those journeys, and was delighted to see a dream come true when Costa Rican students came to SES in April!

Jane is the creator and teacher of the SES Leadership Seminar, helping students develop leadership skills through service learning. She is also the SES Mentor Program Coordinator, connecting students with community professionals.  In 2016, she brought the innovative AP Capstone program to SES and is the teacher of the AP Seminar and AP Research courses.

In her life outside of SES, she fosters leadership as the Scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 510 in Eagan. But most importantly, she is the proud mom of two SES graduates who are carrying the SES vision into the world!