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Animal Behavior

Quick Summary:

This Intensive Theme course is designed for students who have a great interest in the learning more about animals in a zoo setting, or who wish to pursue a career in fields related to the study of Animal Behavior. It is offered during the Trimester 1 Intensive Theme, in November.

Intensive Theme Description:
Animal Behavior will allow students to investigate and expand their knowledge of the behavior of animals both in theory and practice.   We will work primarily in the setting of the Minnesota Zoo, and focus on the behavior of wild and captive animals in the Zoo’s collection. We will not be looking at the behavior of domestic animals such as dogs and cats; students interested in the behavior of such animals should consider taking the Animal Care course instead. Students will have the opportunity to talk with professionals currently studying animals as part of their careers.

Learning Objectives:



Students who wish to participate in this intensive theme should:


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