school of environmental studies

Graduation is Outdoors Tonight!

The SES graduation will be held outdoors at 7:00 tonight at the Minnesota Zoo Amphitheater. Drive through the main entrance to the Zoo on McAndrews Road and follow the “SES Detour/SES graduation” signs to park in the Zoo’s back lot. Allow extra time for the construction on McAndrews Road. After parking allow 20 minutes to walk to the Amphitheater, longer if you are arriving close to 7:00. No tickets are required. There will be shuttles provided for those not able to walk to the Amphitheater. Shuttles will begin at 6:30pm.

Seniors should park in the Johnny Cake lot at the school and report to the Gold House at 6:00pm with caps and gowns. Seniors will walk to the Zoo as a group.