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Superior Hiking Trail

Quick Summary:
The Superior Hiking Trail field study is a backpacking adventure that takes in mid-May during Intensive Theme 3. An affordable, Minnesota experience, students need only have a sturdy pair of hiking boots and a willing attitude. Tents, backpacks and mess gear are provided by SES

Field Study Description:
Students hike from 3 to 7 miles daily along a portion of the 296-mile Superior Hiking trail—a nationally famous hiking trail—that follows the rocky ridgeline above Lake Superior from Duluth to the Canadian border. There are trailhead parking lots every 5-10 miles, but SES student groups tent camp in primitive, wooded sites along the trail. Students work on all aspects of minimum-impact backwoods camping with the goal of being able to responsibly organize a safe backwoods experience for themselves in the future. The trails vary in condition, but can be very rocky and hilly. Some of the most beautiful hiking ever!

Learning Objectives:


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