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Superior Hiking Trail

Quick Summary:

The Superior Hiking Trail field study is a backpacking adventure that takes in late-May during Intensive Theme 3. An affordable, Minnesota experience, students need only have a sturdy pair of hiking boots and a willing attitude. Tents, backpacks and cooking gear are provided by SES.

Field Study Description:
Students hike from 3 to 7 miles daily along a portion of the 310-mile Superior Hiking trail—a nationally famous hiking trail—that follows the rocky ridgeline above Lake Superior from Duluth to the Canadian border. There are trailhead parking lots every 5-10 miles, but SES student groups tent camp in primitive, wooded sites along the trail. Students work on all aspects of Leave No Trace backwoods camping with the goal of being able to responsibly organize a safe backwoods experience for themselves in the future. The trails vary in condition, but can be very rocky and hilly. Some of the most beautiful hiking ever with views of inland lakes and rivers, and Lake Superior!

Learning Objectives:


Students who wish to participate in this field study should:

Link to Map Showing General Location
Superior Hiking Trail Map

For more information please contact:
Sarah Oppelt Santelli