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Roatan Field Study

Quick Summary:

This Field Study provides students with an opportunity to immerse themselves in a biological and cultural study of a small island community on the Island of Roatan. While studying and exploring the coral reef ecosystem students will become certified Scuba divers.  In addition they will study and interact with people who call this island home. This Field Study occurs near the end of our second trimester.


Field Study Description:

Roatan Field Study

The second largest barrier is a great place to learn to SCUBA dive and explore the world of Marine Biology.   This Field Study is a ten day exploration of the coral reef ecosystem near the island of Roatan, Honduras. It takes place during trimester 2 Intensive Theme, around the end of February. Roatan is a small island off the coast of Honduras and is home to the second largest barrier reef in the world, next to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Our exploration takes us to the Roatan Marine Sanctuary. During the course students will become PADI Certified as Open Water SCUBA Divers. Once certified, students complete up to 10 dives as a certified SCUBA diver and in the process identify fish for, take underwater digital photographs and complete a scientific study of the reef. On land, students will give back to the community by participating in a local beach clean-up project and interact with students from the Roatan Bilingual School.   While the native language of Spanish provides great opportunities for SES students studying Spanish, it is not necessary to know Spanish because most locals are bilingual.


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