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Australia Field Study

Quick Summary:

This Field Study provides students with an opportunity to explore the diverse ecosystems of Australia from the rainforests, plateaus, islands, and coral reefs, in places like Tasmania’s UNESCO World Heritage sites and national parks, Melbourne and The Great Ocean Drive, to the Great Barrier Reef. This Field Study occurs near the end of our second trimester.

Field Study Description:

This Field Study is an exploration of the contrasting parts of Australia from the most southerly points to the fart north in order to compare animals, history, and geography. The Australia Field Study takes place during trimester 2 Intensive Theme, around the middle of February. Our exploration takes us from the Tasman Sea to the Coral Sea, from the inland mountains and rainforests to the plateaus and beaches. Students will hike in UNESCO World Heritage sites and national parks in places like Cradle Mountain, Freyicet, Bruny Island, and Daintree National Parks. In these places, students will explore wildlife, like Tasmanian devils, pademelons, wallabies, quolls, echidnas, wombats, possums, kangaroos, platypus, penguins, and currawongs. Students will snorkel the Great Barrier Reef ; visit historical sites; learn about the Aborigine culture; and explore some of the most remote places of Australia. During the course of this field study students will learn about extinction, ecological threats, and what Australia and people throughout the world are doing to manage these natural resources.

Learning Objectives:

Students who wish to participate in this field study should:

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