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Florida Field Study

South Florida is offered in the fall of odd numbered years.

Quick Summary:
This Field Study provides students with an opportunity to explore the diverse ecosystems of South Florida, from Everglades National Park to the coral reefs of the keys. This Field Study occurs near the end of our first trimester.

Field Study Description:
This Field Study is an exploration of South Florida from a perspective seldom seen. It takes place during trimester 1 Intensive Theme, around the middle of November. Our exploration takes us from the freshwater swamps to the majestic coral reefs of the Florida coast.   Students will complete a swamp walk through The Fakahatchee Strand Preserve, lead by a Florida Fish and Wildlife Biologist, explore Everglades National Park, Kayak through a Mangrove forest, snorkel barrier reef in the Florida Keys and much more. During the course of this field study students will explore the many environmental, cultural and economic challenges facing the state of Florida while gaining an understanding of the complexities of the issues concerning the protection of native Florida species.

Learning Objectives:


Students who wish to participate in this field study should:

Location Map:
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For more information please contact:
Scott Haisting or
Craig Nowicki