school of environmental studies

SES Renewable Energy Project

The SES Renewable Energy Project is another example of how the School of Environmental Studies and its partners are able to create meaningful learning experiences for SES students.

This partnership serves the larger community by creating a space for community members to learn about energy alternatives as well as by producing power to add to the grid.

The SES Renewable Energy Project at the School of Environmental Studies is a project to educate students and the community about renewable energy by building a windturbine and solar panels at the school’s site. The installation of the 160-foot, 20-kilowatt windturbine was completed in December of 2007.

Robert Preston and Jacob Wagner, graduates of SES, began working on the project in their junior year. Inspired by a small wind turbine they saw at an Earth Day convention, they first proposed the idea to SES Principal Dan Bodette for their senior project.

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