school of environmental studies

SES Foundation

The SES Education Foundation (SESEF) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3)community group of volunteers who find many ways to support SES. Established in 1999 the foundation encourages high academic standards, experiential learning, and excellence in teaching by providing scholarships and grants for new and innovative projects that, due to budget limitations, the school is unable to fund. People like you are currently serving on the SESEF Board of Directors. Find out more about the foundation at their website.

Here are some of the ways the SESEF supports SES:

Intensive Themes Grants
Students who qualify for free and reduced lunches under the Federal National School Lunch Program are invited to apply for grants to help defray the cost of SES intensive themes. Find out more on the Intensive Themes Grants page.

Foundation Funding Grants
School budgets and district budgets are tight. SES’s unique curriculum demands special teaching tools. When budgets won’t cover the required teaching tools SESEF provides grants to faculty members so that they can acquire these tools. Visit the Faculty Grants page to see a complete listing of the faculty grants awarded over the past few years.

Mission Statement
The mission of the School of Environmental Studies Education Foundation is to stimulate innovation, opportunity, and advocacy for the School of Environmental Studies community and the positive contributions it makes to the world.